Make way for the most innovative and exciting management conference 2023!

Introducing ICRBMF 2023

Learn more about management conference 2023

Indulge in an educational experience like no other. Here, at the 6th edition of ICRBMF, we will dive into the latest happenings and developments in the fields of business, management, and finance. A must-attend event in academia – engage in cross-border learning, effective information exchange, dynamic networking, proactive workshops and roundtables, and more!

Join our most versatile and diverse management conference yet, with attendees coming in from all over the world: Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Ghana, Romania, Hong Kong, Portugal, and others. While the pandemic did force us to move online for a couple of years, we still maintained the quality and efficiency of our events and received stellar reviews and feedback from our attendees.

Enjoy a wide variety of concepts like critical barriers to sustainable manufacturing, corporate environmental responsibility, establishing a competitive advantage for retail brands, and several others. Additionally, use this great platform to grow and excel in your field, present your work, get published in prestigious academic journals, or even just get introduced to the enthralling world of academia.

Dates to Mark on Your Calendar

07 April 2023

Paper Submission Deadline

18 April 2023

Registration Deadline

28-30 April 2023

Conference Dates

Topics for the management conference 2023

Get ready to learn all about the newest trends and tools in the world of business, management, and finance. Management conferences are accepting submissions from the following topics and more:

Business, Economics, Management & Finance

This conference is a prestigious event, organized to provide an international platform for academicians, researchers, managers, industry participants, and students to share their research findings with global experts. All full-paper submissions will be peer-reviewed and evaluated based on originality, technical and/or research depth, accuracy, and relevance to an academic conference on management and economics themes and topics.

management conference 2023

Registration for ICRBMF 2023

Grab your pass now and join us for this notable management conferences. You may even join as a virtual attendee or speaker if travel is currently not an option for you!


Deadline: 18 April 2023

  • Authors (Student): €310
  • Authors (Regular): €340
  • Listener: €140
  • Virtual Delegate: €140
  • Extra Papers: €75

Become a Speaker at management conferences 2023

Want to gain some exposure in the world of academia? Present your research and findings at this academic management conference 2023. You have the option of presenting orally or virtually or, even presenting a poster. Get inspired and inspire others to do more!

management conference 2023

Why You Should Speak At Management Conference 2023

  • Present your research to a revered academic community as well as an international audience.
  • Highlight the biggest issues and concerns in your field and engage in interactive discussions with your audience to brainstorm possible solutions.
  • Obtain critical feedback that allows you to enhance your skills as a researcher and presenter.
  • Contribute towards the development of your field, helping shape its future.

The Scientific Committee

Our esteemed scientific committee is made up of a host of skilled individuals who ensure that all the material covered at our management conference 2023 has been thoroughly evaluated and is apt for the event. Every submission is put through a proper check for quality, assurance, and relevancy. Lastly, they are assessed through a double-blind peer review for a final inspection. Get guidance from academic experts on how to improve your work, expand or move on to other areas of research, and more!

management conference 2023

Become a Published Researcher at ICRBMF 2023

Grow and excel in your academic career. Get featured in esteemed academic journals, get recognized for your work and expertise, shape the structure and future of your field, and uncover networking, partnership, and funding opportunities.

Plagiarism Policy & Publication Ethics

The 6th International Conference on Research in Business, Management and Finance follows strict anti-plagiarism policies and, as such, checks every submission for plagiarism using Crossref Similarity Check Powered by iThenticate. All articles submitted to the conference first undergo a plagiarism check before being sent to our scientific committee for review. The submission will be automatically rejected at any time if found plagiarized. If you’d like to find out more information about the iThenticate software, click on the following link:

Academic Conference Proceedings and Publications

Use our extensive network of academics all around the world to share the findings of your latest research

All accepted and presented papers will be electronically published in the official Conference Proceedings with an ISBN Number. A Digital Object Identifier (DOI) from Cross Ref will be assigned for each paper.

Why You Should Attend This Management Conference

Yes, learning is a big part of attending an academic event. However, there is so much more to it. Here are some of the benefits you can get from management conferences 2023:

  • Build strong connections: Since this conference will be attended by numerous academic experts, scholars, researchers, and industry stakeholders, it is ideal for forming networks that would be useful in the future.
  • Get published: Take your academic career to the next level by getting published in well-known indexed journals.
  • Present your work: A great way to get your name and work out in the open is by presenting at an influential event like this one.
  • Amplify your knowledge: Get educated on all things new, improved, and to be improved in the fields of business, management, and finance at this conference.
  • Visit a new city: Embark on a journey to explore a new city while simultaneously gaining a global educational experience!

Who Should Attend?

Our Business, Finance and Management conference 2023 is designed for members of the academia and non-profit, public, and private sector members who are interested in the latest research and academic developments in the field of Management, Business and Finance.

Win The Best Presenter Award

We value the contribution our attendees and speakers make to the quality of the Business, Finance and Management conference 2023 and the development of the industry. In recognition of this contribution, we reward top presenters and students with event scholarships.

Past Speakers

business management conference

Alba Brugueras-Fabre

business management conference

Iliana Ballester-Panelli

management conference 2023

Ebru Genc

management conference 2023

Shani Kuna 

management conference 2023

Yian Chen

management conference 2023

Luzi Zhong

management conference 2023

Somashekhar Krishnamani

management conference 2023

Liviu Serbanescu

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Conference venue

Hotel Açores Lisboa
Address: Av. Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro 3, 1070-060 Lisboa, Portugal
management conference 2023