Assessment of the Possibility of Cyber Space to Become a Political Field in the Industry 4.0 Era within OECD Countries

Proceedings of ‏The 2nd International Conference on Research in Business, Management and Finance

Year: 2020


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Assessment of the Possibility of Cyber Space to Become a Political Field in the Industry 4.0 Era within OECD Countries

Aytaç Aydın



With the globalization and trade wars of the 21st century, it has inevitably led to an increase in technological innovations and the emergence of the industrial 4.0 revolution. With Industry 4.0, socio-economy, culture, medicine, all areas of science, living spaces, and everyday activities are somehow linked to technology. The idea that the new popular movements, with the emergence of non-governmental organizations or trade unions by workers’ actions, is undoubtedly far from the influence of the 1960-1980 period. Particularly in authoritarian regimes, the suppression of free thinking limits the scope of political activity. For individuals who cannot express their opinions freely or cannot declare their ideas under the roof of any non-governmental organization, the internet is undoubtedly one of the new fields of activity. Individuals can express their thoughts with virtual identities, especially through virtual environments where they can hide through vpn networks, organize and call for unification in areas where necessary. In addition, it is possible to carry out activities against the authority or companies by virtual activists who can use the internet at an advanced level. In this study, first of all, a historical explanation is given to the concept of industry 4.0 to point out the point of the virtual world, and then to draw attention to the effects of cyber-attacks within the OECD countries, it is emphasized that global cyber security index GCI and it is intended to draw attention that cyber area will turn into a new political war zone in the 4.0 years of the industry.

Keywords:Hack, Industry 4.0, Cyber Security.

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Aytaç Aydın

Kirikkale University!

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